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New work – Rustic Hammered Sterling

sterling silver handforged spiral necklace and earrings by Holly Gonnella

These earrings are big…I am not messing around….no worries…I made modest sized ones too!

I have some new work this weekend that is a bit more rustic than my usual slick finish.  Just completely letting go and saying, “whatever happens is what is supposed to happen”…feels so good….well, that plus the wild hammer blows…I am sure you can relate.

Handmade personalized bangle with childrens names by Holly Gonnella

In my Etsy shop – 39.00 each

These bangles are for an Ashlander who loves her children’s middle names and never gets to enjoy them. She put so much thought into naming each one of those precious kids. So she decided to put these names on the bangles instead of the first names. When she slipped them on, they looked like they always belonged.

I plan on showing at the Lithia Artisans Market this weekend, but it is weather permitting…you can email me if you want to know if I am there or not.

See you on the path…Holly


Now Offering Personalized Sterling Jewelry

Personalized sterling silver bangle by Holly Gonnella

I love the look of personalized jewelry, the quirkyness of the hand stamping has such a handmade charm to it. Personalized jewelry seems to mean so much more to the wearer and is maybe one of the best gifts that I have had the pleasure to make.

The bangles above were gifts for a daughter and niece.  Lyle is their last name and the niece came up with adding the word “strong” after a close family member passed away. I found this to be such a touching personal motto for a family.  The bangle is a reminder of how our families have our backs and give us a sense of safety, pride and strength.

These heavy 10 gauge bangles are now in my Etsy shop and come in a variety of sizes. I can accommodate up to 18 letters (and spaces).

Metal stamps for hand stamping personalized jewelry

I will be hanging out in my booth this weekend at the Lithia Artisans Market in Ashland Oregon. Find me near The Mix Bakeshop….see you down there….Holly

Tiny Earrings – Not Just for Little Girls

Garnet and gem earrings by Holly Gonnella

Lately, I have been thinking about people who wear tiny earrings and how I am completely ignoring the tiny earring needs of the world. They are cute, precious, comfy and elegant without being too fancy.

So this what I came up with this week to combat all the bigger and bigger earrings that I have been making. I will have these in my booth this weekend. I am hoping to list them on Etsy when I figure out how I want to make them. These are not tiny, just small with 6mm rose cut gemstones . The ear wire and gem bezel are sterling but the disk is cut from fine silver. I have put a listing for the red garnet earrings in my Etsy shop.

Fine silver is 99.9 percent pure silver and has no added copper. Without the copper, the silver appears a very bright white and seems to glow and throw light.

Rose quartz earrings by Holly Gonnella

Drop by my booth this weekend outside the Mix Bakeshop in Ashland Oregon if you happen to be in town and say, “hi”.

See you down there, as we say, Holly

PS. Stones above are garnet, rose quartz, prehnite and peridot. The prices are 39.00 per pair and 59.00 for the peridot (the peridot earrings above are gone but can be ordered), The garnet earrings pictured are all sterling and have locking backs.

Market Opening Day in Ashland

If you’re hanging out in Ashland Oregon this weekend you are in luck, our outdoor market, the lithia Artisans Market is opening on Saturday.

We have been eagerly awaiting the opening and the weather is going to be fairly divine. It could rain on Sunday, so get thee down there!

I went to see my first play of the season this week, “The Yeoman of the Gaurd” at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and boy was it a hoot…..knee slappin fun, and with an open bar on the stage in case you get thirsty.

Here are a few things that I have been working on in my studio this winter….see you down there…along the creek in downtown Ashland….near the Mix bakeshop.

Copper Heart necklace with jJane Austin quote and turquoise by Holly Gonnella

Copper heart with Jane Austin quote and a turquoise cabochon.

personalized sterling silver bracelets by Holly Gonnella

I am offering personalized jewelry now. These are sterling silver bangles.

Fresh water pearl and gold earrings by Holly Gonnella

This winter I did figure out that gold and pearls are maybe a girls best-ie friend.  This exact pair is listed in my Etsy shop.

Sterling silver cuff bracelet with black dots by Holly Gonnella

Cuff bracelets, they just look good and are so comfortable.


Copper heart with Shakespeare quote by Holly Gonnella

Winged cupid painted blind…that’s Shakespeare – A Mid-Summers Nights Dream

The bangles and cuff bracelets will be appearing in my Etsy shop soon.

Many thanks for visiting my website, Holly


Artists in the Old Ashland Armory

On Thanksgiving weekend, the Lithia Artisans Market will be taking over the Old Ashland Armory on Oak Street.Ashland Artisan Market at the Old Ashland Armory

We decided to get fancy this year and requested that “Live At the Armory” open their  VIP room to our guests. The room features a  no-host bar and a place to hang-out. The stairs to the room are in the main lobby.

Local musicians will be playing all weekend on our stage; which they will be sharing with a few artists.

heidi carson clothing Lithia Artisans Market Ashland

Avalon long sleeved Tunic by Heidi Carlson of Hempress Arise Clothing – on Etsy

One of these artists is clothing designer Heidi Carlson. She creates comfortable woodsy clothing using natural fabrics and dyes, with silkscreened images and wood buttons made by a woodworker. Heidi does not set up at our market very often so this is a great opportunity to see her work and try it on.

Yummy hot food and treats served by the former owner of Grilla-Bites. Remember that place? I miss that eatery so much! She is offering sandwiches, soups, coffee, chai tea and baked goods.

100 Dollar Gift Certificate – Sunday Drawing

On Sunday at 2 pm we will be announcing the lucky winner of our 100 Gift Certificate drawing….you do not have to be present to win. Find the entry box on our stage or ask the craftspeople to point it out for you.

The certificate can be used at any Lithia Artisans Market or Christmas event (including the Brisco ArtWing show) and is good for a whole year.

There are just so many reasons this year to visit our sweet and festive show.

My booth will be set up near the stage this year and will be featuring Jewelry and repurposed book journals.

The show this year is a great place to gather with your friends after the town parade on Friday. Tell them to meet you in the VIP Lounge and let the holiday festivities begin!

Many Thanks for stopping by my blog.

*I will not be making new pottery until the new year. Please sign up for my mailing list and receive notice when I put new work in the Ashland Artisans Emporium.

Large sterling silver circle necklace by Holly Gonnella

Herkimer Diamond - quartz crystal earrings by Holly Gonnella in Ashland Oregon

These interesting crystals are called Herkimer Diamonds.

Herkimer Diamond beads and sterling silver earrings by Holly Gonnella


The Oregon Country Fair 2015


porcelain ring by Holly Gonnella

I am very fortunate to be setting up in the new area at Oregon Country Fair, that takes place this weekend…..July 10, 11 and 12.

The booth R-33 (wow, great number) right across for something called the World Dance Stage….sounds like a choice location!

Our booth will be easy to find because I have a new sign that is fairly bright and hard to miss with a turquoise butterfly on it.

My booth mate is Pamela Ourshalimian who is a long time vendor of OCF and will be showing her paintings.

We collaborated on a Raven that will be gracing the top of the booth for the show….please look for our raven up high…

…..See you there, Holly


New work in my studio


Flower Pendant, swirl pendant and fiddle head pendant by Holly Gonnella

The top piece is a bronze fiddlehead formed from precious metal clay and fired in my studio.

I have been hard at work in my studio creating new handmade jewelry for the season. By “the season”, I am meaning the Shakespeare season in Ashland Oregon.

I sell my work at an outdoor marketplace called the Lithia Artisans Market, which is downtown along Ashland creek. We open a month early this year ( in March), but things don’t really get hopping until the outdoor Elizabethan theater opens in June.

handmade jewelry grouping by Holly Gonnella

From Top Left – Flower Shield necklace, tear drop pearls with fused wire tops, green crackle glaze ring, Circuitous Necklace with green saffire.

About My Materials and Process

I am using a variety of materials to make my handmade jewelry – porcelain, pearls, gemstones, bronze precious metal clay and Argentium sterling silver.

The bronze fiddlehead  pendant on the very top was created with a special clay that has very fine particles of bronze mixed with water and a binder. I am able to form small sculptural pieces by hand. After forming, I let them dry, then fire in my kiln.The binder burns away, and the piece shrinks until it is a solid piece of bronze, then I polish it and it’s finished.

If this sounds like magic….serious….it’s as close to it as I have come. Before PMC clay, we had to go through an arduous process involving wax, molds and a long serious of steps to the finished product.

In the other jewelry pieces pictured, I use a technique called fusing.

To fuse the petals in the Flower Shield necklace (above), I saw out all the petals from sterling sheet, then lay them on a larger piece of metal and began heating with a torch until they are melted/fused together. Too little melt and they will not stick, too much melt and the whole thing will disappear in an instant into a blob. I use this fusing technique where ever I can, it is a fun process.

Lamp work blue glass bead with fused tube setting from argentium sterling silver by Holly Gonnella

Lampwork glass beads on fused Argentium (low tarnish) sterling silver in Ashland Oregon.

Flower ring with Amethyst gem by holly gonnella

Amethyst gemstone with cut-out shapes that have been fused.

If you happen to be visiting Ashland Oregon you can check my facebook page where I post by Friday if I will be setting up on the weekend.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Holly Gonnella

Handmade Comfortable Clothing from Dervish

hand made green shrug from Dervish Clothing

It has been deliciously warm in Southern Oregon. This winter has been the most non-suffering of my life and believe me I know what a long-suffering winter feels like having lived in Massachusetts and Vermont.

But even with all the warm weather, I love the feel of comfy clothes and sweaters. While people on the east coast have been bundled up to the eyeballs for the last few months, we have been running around in light sweaters and going without socks.

A few handcrafted clothing items that I have been enjoying this winter come from Jasmine Patten, owner, maker and designer of Dervish Clothing.  Her motto is that, “we are meant to feel amazingly beautiful in our clothes”. She sells soft comfortable clothes for life, movement and  “feeling juicy”.

Her clothing is great for keeping warm, or for comfortable breathable layers under all the jackets and scarves.

I am particularly enamored with her use of the recycled sweater. I have a few pair of her hand warmers and I wear them all the time, even while working indoors, especially in the morning.

Jasmine’s work can also be found on Etsy where she has a thriving shop as well as selling locally in Ashland Oregon at the Lithia Artisans Market.

recycled sweater made into a shrug by dervish clothing

Hand warmers from Dervish Clothing

Hand made yoga clothing


Jasmine Patten lives and makes her work in Ashland Oregon. You can sign-up for Jasmines Newsletter on her website (free shipping when you sign-up) at www.dervishclothing.com

Thanks for stopping by, Holly

Making Clay Beads

Bowl of decorated hand made beads waiting to be glazed by Holly Gonnella

I always bisque my beads in a bowl for convenience and well, it just looks good!

For me, bead making is an obsessive process. I have a tendency to make a hundred beads, then a hundred more…putting off glazing as long as possible.As a potter, it is fairly typical to keep throwing pots until our whole space is filled (sometimes even the floor) and we are forced to start finishing things. Finally, some deadline will loom and we will get them glazed in the nick of time.

My bead process involves rolling small bits of clay into a shape, then decorating it with a series of tools…some of which are also handmade. I then fire them to a low temperature (bisque) so that I can wash any off the dust. This makes the glaze adhere properly.  One tiny pinhole and the bead is what potters call a second. I then apply translucent glazes so that the quality of the porcelain can shine through. Once they are glazed I load them into a kiln on high fire rods.

They turn out so beautiful and sparkly….miniature ceramic works for the ears!

I had an epiphany one day and thought to wire wrap the hire-fire wire that sticks out of the top. This gives my beads an elegant professional quality and sets them apart from all the other beads in the world.

Hand made beads in process

Beads in process

I spend time matching all the beads into pairs to make earrings. Some are used as focal beads for necklaces and rings.

Hand made and decorated porcelain green beads with wire wrapping

Green beads made in my studio with wire wrapping and forged ear wire.

Hand made bead on sterling ring by Holly Gonnella

This small bead sits beautifully and simply a top a ring shank.


Green handmade bead Earrings - Holly GonnellaYou can find my ceramic earrings in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for stopping by, Holly