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Taking a few photos with Northern Light

Hammered recycled copper tube pendant by Holly Gonnella

Finally, we are getting good and consistent light to attempt a few photo’s here in Southern Oregon.

These are shots I am taking for the Oregon Country Fair jury committee. This is a rustic show and thought I would show some wood….heck….I am even rocking the woodland creatures.

Porcelain tiles set in Sterling

Hand made porcelain tiles have been set in sterling. The oval shaped pendant is a miniature guache painting with ink, set behind glass. I use a decal, which I made using my printer to create the owl image. The printer uses iron in the toner, I am able to fire this on…it is permanent!

Hand forged rings with porcelain and bronze PMC Clay by Holly Gonnella

These rings were made using fabrication, forging, PMC Bronze and handmade porcelain.

 Jewelry booth set up - Holly Gonnella

Hammered recycled copper tube pendant by Holly Gonnella

This pendant started from a piece of copper tubing, which I cut a cross section from. I hammered it and annealed it a few times, then created the bezel setting.  It is a little dangerous using a thick bezel like this because I have to use various hammers to get it to close around the cabochon.  This cabochon is a small porcelain tile with a fired on sepia toned image.

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