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Visitors to the Lithia Artisan's Market in Ashland Oregon

We love it back here on our little alley.

The first time that I visited an outdoor marketplace, with actual craftspeople selling their wares, was at the Portland Saturday Market, back in the 70’s.

The artist’s (hippies) seemed so awesome and brilliant to me….especially the potters.

Oddly there was fewer crochet items back then than there is now.

On one visit, my mom got herself a mirror made from a piece of wood, that looked strangely like an elephant.

In my 70’s soaked brain…..this was an absolute work of genius!

Hammered Sterling men's ring by Holly Gonnella

Recent special order for a men’s wedding ring. I listed this item in my Etsy store.

Years later I sold at that market for about 8 years and met some of the best people of my life.

Now, I live in the southern part of Oregon and sell at the Lithia Artisan’s Market of Ashland.

Ashland is a laid back, deluxe little town, with the longest running Shakespeare festival in the country.

We set up our booths on the majestic Calle Guanajuato, or what we usually say, “you know that alley behind the restaurants? Yeah, were back there”.

Serious tho….it is lovely. We have music, food, booths, a creek, and a seemingly endless parade of dogs and babies. A great people watching location.

We just do this on the weekends. Please check my events page or Facebook to see if I will be set up on your next visit.

See you on the Calle, holly

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