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Forged Copper Jewelry – New in my Studio

I recently started exploring forged copper in my jewelry making.

At the beginning of my copper project, I thought that my goals were to finally work big and make prototypes for my silver jewelry. I had no idea that I was going to love working with copper!

The large pieces ended up being more suited to copper than silver because silver seemed too cold and flashy for these organic shapes.

I created interesting and bold shapes to contrast with other textures, such as leather, 14k gold filled wire and handmade ceramic beads.

These works are from the earth, and adorn the human form in a rustic and comforting fashion.

Hammered copper bird with ceramic bead and braided leather by Holly Gonnella


Hammered Trillium Leaf Earrings with 14k gold-filled ear wire by Holly Gonnella

Group of hammered copper earrings by Holly Gonnella




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