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Making Cat Bowls in the Studio

Hand made cat bowls in Holly Gonnella's Pottery Studio

Basically, if you’re going to be a potter, you will eventually have to make some pottery. After spending the whole year making and selling jewelry, it is time to hunker down and make some pots. Luckily it is just like riding a bike.

I decided to start out with cat bowls, since they are funny and lack seriousness.

Jewelry is not so funny in my studio. I like funny everything…so I have no idea why my jewelry lacks all humor. But pottery, that is another story. The first teapot I  made in college was used as the butt of a joke in my first ever critique.  It still burns me a bit. I mean, why on earth would the instructor take someone’s teapot and zoom it through the air, claiming it to be a flying saucer?  I turned green from horror…like the alien who made it.

But, since then, I have learned to laugh at the pottery.  Making bowls for cats….fairly good joke….because it feels like I am throwing my life and talent away….haha!

Yesterday,  I came up with a two-bowl set; “The Evil One”, and, “The Good One”. Pretty good, huh? Also, just plain old….. “Evil”.

I will add these to my “Crazy Cat Bowl Lady”, of The Queens Cat Bowl Society International Collection.

My all time most popular cat bowl is still, “The Queen” and “You Know You Love Me”, that last one is so your cat.

I am hoping to offer these to more than just the lucky folks of Southern Oregon someday. Please sign-up for my email list so that you can be alerted to this possibility…..Cat Bowls World Wide…..that’s my motto.

Some hand thrown pots in Holly Gonnella's Pottery Studio

Hand made cat bowls in Holly Gonnella's Pottery Studio

Peace, I mean, Meeow……Holly


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  • You are amazing and highlarious holly!!! Can’t wait to see you at Crafty!


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