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New work in my studio

Flower Pendant, swirl pendant and fiddle head pendant by Holly Gonnella


Flower Pendant, swirl pendant and fiddle head pendant by Holly Gonnella

The top piece is a bronze fiddlehead formed from precious metal clay and fired in my studio.

I have been hard at work in my studio creating new handmade jewelry for the season. By “the season”, I am meaning the Shakespeare season in Ashland Oregon.

I sell my work at an outdoor marketplace called the Lithia Artisans Market, which is downtown along Ashland creek. We open a month early this year ( in March), but things don’t really get hopping until the outdoor Elizabethan theater opens in June.

handmade jewelry grouping by Holly Gonnella

From Top Left – Flower Shield necklace, tear drop pearls with fused wire tops, green crackle glaze ring, Circuitous Necklace with green saffire.

About My Materials and Process

I am using a variety of materials to make my handmade jewelry – porcelain, pearls, gemstones, bronze precious metal clay and Argentium sterling silver.

The bronze fiddlehead  pendant on the very top was created with a special clay that has very fine particles of bronze mixed with water and a binder. I am able to form small sculptural pieces by hand. After forming, I let them dry, then fire in my kiln.The binder burns away, and the piece shrinks until it is a solid piece of bronze, then I polish it and it’s finished.

If this sounds like magic….serious….it’s as close to it as I have come. Before PMC clay, we had to go through an arduous process involving wax, molds and a long serious of steps to the finished product.

In the other jewelry pieces pictured, I use a technique called fusing.

To fuse the petals in the Flower Shield necklace (above), I saw out all the petals from sterling sheet, then lay them on a larger piece of metal and began heating with a torch until they are melted/fused together. Too little melt and they will not stick, too much melt and the whole thing will disappear in an instant into a blob. I use this fusing technique where ever I can, it is a fun process.

Lamp work blue glass bead with fused tube setting from argentium sterling silver by Holly Gonnella

Lampwork glass beads on fused Argentium (low tarnish) sterling silver in Ashland Oregon.

Flower ring with Amethyst gem by holly gonnella

Amethyst gemstone with cut-out shapes that have been fused.

If you happen to be visiting Ashland Oregon you can check my facebook page where I post by Friday if I will be setting up on the weekend.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Holly Gonnella

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