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How Jewelry Dust Can Save the Day when Disaster Strikes

Save your bench sweeps and dust and send it to riogrande for refinement for CERF

Save your bench sweeps and dust and send it to riogrande for refinement for CERFHave you ever wondered what happens to self-employed craftspeople when they lose all in a disaster?  What if the studio catches on fire or goes down in an earthquake? What if for medical reasons they cannot work?

The vast majority of us are unprotected by disability insurance and have no insurance policy on the contents of our studios or workshops.

We burn through our savings, credit cards, mom and dad…..and then what?

There is an organization that can help – and they need our support

Thank goodness that there is a national organization working to safeguard the careers of crafts-people in these situations. They are called the Crafts Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+). They also offer emergency resources for artists.

They help artists get back on their feet after a disaster or physically debilitating illness.

Check out their website and consider a donation to this worthy cause.

How Jewelers Can Help by Collecting Dust

saving jewelry dust and recycling

The sweeps (dust) from your jewelry bench can make a difference in the lives of your fellow craftspeople.

Rio Grande, a jewelry supplier will take your precious metal sweeps from your bench, refine them and send the proceeds to the CERF+ fund.

Rio has been stockpiling sweeps donations from jewelers for the last five years. They recently refined the sweeps and were able to make a donation of almost $19,000 to the CERF+ organization.

Please visit the RioGrande website page for the specifics on what kind of sweeps, packaging, and the mailing address.

I have been stockpiling dust in Altoid tins for years. I am so pleased to find out that I can donate them. It makes it a bit more fun to collect and save the precious dust that I am constantly making.

Thanks for stopping by, Holly

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