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 **I am recuperating from an injury and my Etsy shop and crafts booth in Ashland will not open until early June. I do have work for sale at the Ashland Artisans Emporium. Please check my Events page for details.

About My JewelryHammered recycled copper tube pendant by Holly Gonnella

If you’re looking for jewelry that is simple yet elegant and imbued with hand-crafted sensibility – you have come to the right place….this is what I specialize in.

Chances are you can find that perfect pair of earrings to wear every day to work, or something a bit more glamorous to catch the light and make your eyes sparkle.

I use Argentium sterling silver in most of my creations, which means that you won’t be polishing up your jewelry anytime soon. Argentium tarnishes at a slower rate, is brighter and is more hypo-allergenic…..all this with the same silver content as traditional sterling! View a video about Argentium on my FAQ page.

I will ship your purchase in a lovely gift box, that way whether it’s for yourself or your most beloved and dear friend, everyone will be pleased and delighted. Please visit my Etsy shop to browse my jewelry.

I have made more than 35,000 objects from start to finish, so your lovely thing is bound to turn out pretty good. I am trustworthy that way.

ABOUT MEHolly Gonnella Crafts person

Wow, 35,00 seems like an impossible number……but it’s true! I was a full-time production potter for 15 years making functional kitchen wares and garden related items. All the pots just kind of added up over the years.

I still make pottery, which can be found locally at Christmas time in Southern Oregon. Making pottery can be horrendous (but awesome), I decide to cut back for sanity reasons.

Hand thrown mini porcelain bird houses by Holly Gonnella

I love all crafts – my whole life seems to be me telling myself…too many crafts, cut back! But, this did not stop me from learning metal smithing. I just could not resist this. Then after I learned to be a smith, I wanted to sneak bits of pottery into the jewelry where ever I could. Then instead of silver, I wanted to try copper because I could afford to make big jewelry and hit it hardily with robust hammer blows.

This has led me to have quite a variety of interesting and well-crafted works to choose from.

When I set up my booth I am surprised at the number of people who come back, or show me the gift they have received that they are so happy with. The biggest complement is that they will say, “I have been wearing these every day for a whole year, I love them that much”, or, “my friend keeps your pottery in a place of honor in their home”.

I truly appreciate you’re taking the time to read this and for visiting my website.

Kind Regards, Holly Gonnella

Tour my Studio & Set-up

Jewelry bench in Holly Gonnella's Studio

The outside of my studio - Holly Gonnella

A tool drawer in my studio - Holly Gonnella

The outside of my studio

Jewelry booth set up for Holly Gonnella Handcrafted