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Welcome to my gallery.

It would seem prudent to separate my pottery and jewelry to different pages or sections, but some how it got mixed together, not only on the page, but in my mind and studio.

I make all my jewelry by hand using traditional metal smithing and fabrication techniques. I use silver, copper, brass, bronze, 14K gold-filled, gems, PMC,  pearls, porcelain, old buttons and hmmmm…just about anything!

The pottery is mostly hand-thrown porcelain with some slab work. All my beads and porcelain cabochons are formed by hand building.

The sepia toned images you see here are made by printing the image on special laser paper. What makes my printer so special is that it uses iron in the toner. I apply these image prints to my pottery and re-fire. The paper and the other organic ingredients in the ink burn away, only the iron is left behind, leaving a perfect image that has fused with the glaze.

The best place to view images of my work these days is on Instagram.

Clay house pendants by Holly Gonnella

Porcelain tiles set in Sterling

porcelain bowl with fired on sepeia toned raven image by Holly Gonnella

Mother of Pearl button set in sterling by Holly Gonnella

Thrown porcelain tumbers with sepia images and intaglio by Holly Gonnella

handmade porcelain rings in sterling and textured brass settings by Holly Gonnella

Jewelry by Holly Gonnella

Hand thrown mini porcelain bird houses by Holly Gonnella

Textured brass on Sterling hollow forms by Holly Gonnella

Porcelain bead earrings by Holly Gonnella

Porcelain elk ornament by Holly Gonnella

Thank you for visiting, Holly